RPG Lino prints

What started as a small project in 2013 has grown into a pretty comprehensive collection of some of my favorite RPG monsters. I’m still making these as time allows, and I have some exciting future plans! Stay tuned.

Monsters carved so far: Blink dog, Chimera, Dragon, Gnoll, Owlbear, Gelatinous Cube, Rust Monster, Tarrasque. (Retired monsters – not pictured: Beholder, Displacer Beast, Mind Flayer.) Plus a bonus D20 because ROLEPLAYING!

BlinkDog_8x6 Chimera_12x8 D20_8x12 Dragon_12x8 GelatinousCube_8x8 Gnoll_10x12 OwlBear_8x8 RustMonster_8x5 Tarrasque_12x10