Bird Series (2017 – 2018)


I joke with friends that I started drawing birds because I wanted to win the heart of a particular someone (who is now my wife) – but its true! I’ve always admired and studied birds, so it was a natural fit to work on a full series.

I was even more overjoyed when I discovered the rest of my flock with the Bird Whisperer Project! Here was a group of fellow bird nerds devoted to creating bird artwork once a month. Check them out here: BirdWhisperer Project on Facebook  Below you’ll find images of the entire series to date. With one exception, these are all done in gouache on 5″ x 5″ board. Some are embellished with Finetec gold, others have gold leaf.

A few of these have sold already, but if you’re interested in any originals here please contact me. I will be opening up a LE print series of the birds later this year.